What is Iodine?

Atomic Number 53
Element Symbol
Atomic Weight 126.9
Specific Gravity 4.93(solid)
Melting Point 113.7°C
Boiling Point 184.5°C

Iodine is one of the halogen elements in solid form with metallic luster at room temperature. It easily sublimates, has unique odor, and generates purple vapor when heated.
We extract iodine from formation water that is produced together with natural gas.

Formation Water and Iodine

Formation water is water that contains salts such as sodium chloride.
The natural gas produced in the area is natural gas dissolved in the formation water. This formation water was originally seawater about 2 million years ago and it contains about 2,000 times more iodine than seawater.

Human Health and Iodine

Iodine is the main component of the thyroid hormone that regulates and promotes metabolism in the body. It is an essential element for the growth of living organisms. It promotes the metabolism of lipids, sugars and proteins and burns body fat, thereby also helping to prevent obesity.