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President Takeo Takahashi

Takeo Takahashi

We will support lives of people through supply of Iodine, which is Japan's world-class natural resource.

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On January 1, 2022, K&O Iodine Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Nihon Tennen Gas Co., Ltd.) made a fresh start as a manufacturer of iodine and iodine compounds, following an integration of iodine businesses in K&O Energy Group Inc.

Iodine, the core of our business, is precious natural resource that Japan produces about 30% of the world production. Iodine, essential element to life, has wide range of application such as X-ray contrast media, disinfectants, polarizing film, etc., and its market is steadily growing. Through the business integration, we have become an iodine manufacturer that accounts for about 5% of the world production. We will continue to grow together with the market expansion.

As a company that handles natural resources, we will engage in sustainable and environmentally friendly operations to contribute to the healthy and comfortable society together with local communities.

We look forward to your continuous support and cooperation.

Corporate Philosophy

Through the production and supply of iodine, precious natural resource that Japan is proud of, we will contribute to the realization of people's health and a comfortable and prosperous society, striving for harmony with the environment and coexistence with the local society.

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Health Safety and Environment Policy

  1. Putting safety first, we will achieve zero accidents and promote environment friendly business activities.
  2. We will promote continuous education of all the employees in order to improve employee's awareness for health, safety and environment.
  3. We will comply with laws and regulations related to our business activities and work in accordance with the right procedures.